Want to become a member?!?  We would love to welcome you to join our UNI Percussion family!  

Scholarships are available for both Undergraduate and Graduate students!  Graduate applicants may also apply for Graduate assistantships in addition to Scholarship.  Feel free to email Professors Milan/Andreini to set up a visit and take a free lesson to prepare for you auditions!

To schedule an audition please visit: https://music.uni.edu/apply-audition

Suggested audition repertoire: 
Snare Drum:
1 Concert Etude/Solo 
Portraits in Rhythm, Cirone
Douze Etudes, Delecluse
Intermediate Snare Drum Studies, Peters

1 Rudimental Etude/Solo 
The All-American Drummer or Modern Rudimental Swing Solos, C.H. Wilcoxon 
14 Modern Contest Solos, Pratt (Choose a solo similar to “Drum Corps on Parade”)
Nine French-American Rudimental Solos, Tompkins 

 Timpani:  (preferably for 4 drums)
Sonata for Timpani, John Beck
Etudes from Modern Method for Timpani, Goodman
Etudes from Etuden fur Timpani Volume 1, Hochrainer
Peddle to the Kettle, Kirk Gay

1 Two-mallet solo 
Any Solos/etudes by Green, Goldenberg, Peters, Hatch, McMillan, Gottlieb 
Modern School for Xylophone by Goldenberg 
Fundamental Method for Mallets, Peters 
Funny Mallets, Zivkovic 
Xylophone Rags of George Hamilton Green

1 Four-mallet solo (or excerpt approximately 2-3 minutes in length)
Rain Dance, Mbira Song- Alice Gomez
Yellow After the Rain- Mitchell Peters
Frogs, Michi, Dream of the Cherry Blossoms, Wind in the Bamboo Grove- Keiko Abe
Etudes/Solos from “Image- 20 Children’s Songs for Marimba”, Bart Quartier
Rhythm Song, Virginia Tate, Etude 1-  Smadbeck 

Graduate Audition Requirements:

  •  4 mallet marimba solo
  •  2 or 4 mallet marimba solo by Bach
  •  Timpani Solo (Such as one of Carter's 8 Pieces for Timpani or an equivalent) 
  •  Concert snare drum solo like an advanced Delecluse Etude or equivalent 
  • Sight reading on marimba 
  • Demonstration of soft to loud to soft roll on snare drum over 30 seconds. 

Plus one of the following: 

  • A multiple percussion solo submitted as a video (unlisted youtube link preferred) 
  • A demonstration of ability on a world percussion instrument 
  • A demonstration of drumset technique and abilities (Play a jazz chart, demonstrate styles, etc.) 
  • Play 2 contrasting orchestral excerpts on your choice of Snare drum, Xylophone, or Timpani.